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February 5, 2012 / dragonscorner

Y Ddraig Goch

Source: Welsh mythology

Y Ddraig Goch (The Red Dragon) has been associated with the Welsh people since the early Middle Ages. Its first confirmed appearance is in the 9th century Historia Brittonum, in which it is unearthed, along with a white dragon, during the construction of a castle for King Vortigern. The red dragon defeats the white in aerial combat, and the wizard Merlin interprets the battle as a prophecy of Welsh victory against Saxon invaders.

Y Ddraig Goch has flown on the banners of many armies and cities in various shapes, and even today its image is not standardized. The best-known depiction of the dragon, reproduced here, first appeared on a flag flown by the forces of Henry VIII during the Wars of the Roses. Today, this dragon continues to appear on the banners and logos of many Welsh organizations, reflecting their culture and their pride.

Image: Baner Cymru, the flag of Wales


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