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About Dragon’s Corner

Dragon’s Corner is a blog about dragons, but I’m sure everyone who’s reading this figured that out already. The blog is maintained by me, Jonathan Liang, and pretty much all you need to know about me is that I’m a major dragon enthusiast. I’m especially interested in the connections between dragons and their respective human societies. Dragon’s Corner isn’t meant to be about any type of dragon in particular, but rather to showcase the diversity of dragons that humans have recorded in folklore, myth, literature, and art throughout space and time.

Currently, the centerpiece of Dragon’s Corner is the “Dragon of the Week” series. Each week, usually on Saturday, I’ll post a new dragon image and a short description of its characteristics and cultural context. None of the images I use are mine, and some are copyrighted by others. I’ll do my best to attribute credit properly, and if you happen to own any of the images and want them removed, just contact me at .

I hope you enjoy this website, and please leave comments if desired!


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